Mapping opportunities to advance emerging technologies 

In the Northwest, efficiency organizations, utilities, laboratories and others are working together and pooling their resources to bring emerging technologies to consumers more reliably and faster than any one organization could do alone. 

A key driver in helping these emerging technologies succeed is collaboration. It takes a lot of effort- by a lot of people – to refine and test that idea, and then guide it through the supply chain and into the hands of the customer. Not every idea makes it all the way to the market, and there are any number of expected (and unexpected) challenges along the way. Yet, the region needs a constant stream of new technologies to meet all of our projected growth through efficiency as outlined in the 7th Power Plan.

For more details on the alliance’s emerging technology activities across the region,our Emerging Technology page has our latest scanning reports. Or, click the sliders below for each technology and/or zoom in and out on this Emerging Technologies Map. 

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