NEEA Strategic and Business Planning 2020-24

Visioning the next five years in energy efficiency

The Northwest continues to be a national innovator in energy efficiency, thanks to our shared commitment to a sustainable future. 

In that spirit, we've begun conducting broad, regional outreach to inform NEEA's 2020-24 Strategic Plan and the future direction of the alliance.  Our intention is to create an environment that begins with a clean slate. Then, over the course of this year we’ll combine direct outreach, workshops, surveys, and secondary research to encourage frank discussion, and to help bring the region’s best thinking forward. Here's a look at NEEA's planning at-a-glance:

SP Cycle

Strategic Planning: 2017

The Strategic Plan is foundational and sets forth NEEA’s vision, mission and strategic goals over the next five years. NEEA’s Business Plan outlines how the alliance will deliver regional value through specific, measurable objectives that correspond to Strategic Plan goals, associated performance metrics, and resource requirements.

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NEEA's Five-Year Business and Strategic Plans

NEEA operates on a five-year business cycle. Our market transformation activities during that cycle are detailed in our Business Plan, which is based on a Strategic Plan  that defines NEEA’s mission, vision, goals and key strategies to help the Northwest meet its energy efficiency goals.

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