NEEA 2015 Business Plan

2015-2019 Strategic and Business Plans

Managing short-term activities to achieve long-term results

NEEA's Strategic Plan sets forth NEEA’s strategic goals over the next five years: to fill the energy efficiency pipeline with new products, services, practices and approaches; and to create market conditions that will accelerate and sustain the market adoption of emerging energy efficiency products, services and practices.

NEEA’s Business Plan outlines how the alliance will deliver regional value, by concentrating its electric energy efficiency activities in four strategic markets: consumer products; residential new construction; commercial new construction and commercial lighting.

NEEA’s 2018 Operations Plan Executive Summary includes focus areas and budget details to support successful execution of the 2018 NEEA Operations Plan.

Northwest gas utilities are working collectively on a strategy for initiating natural gas market transformation in the Northwest, based on the 2015-19 Natural Gas Market Transformation Business Plan. View the details in the 2017 Natural Gas Operations Plan.

The Northwest continues to be a national innovator in energy efficiency, thanks to our shared commitment to a sustainable future. 

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NEEA's Five-Year Business and Strategic Plans

NEEA operates on a five-year business cycle. Our market transformation activities during that cycle are detailed in our Business Plan, which is based on a Strategic Plan  that defines NEEA’s mission, vision, goals and key strategies to help the Northwest meet its energy efficiency goals.

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Read NEEA's 2015-19 business plan

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Business Plan at a Glance

NEEA is operating a number of program and market transformation activities across a discrete set of markets in 2015-19.

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Business and Strategic Plans Overview

These plans define how NEEA will strategically intervene in four markets to create lasting change in market behavior and accelerate the adoption of all cost-effective energy efficiency as a matter of standard practice.

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