Bonnie Rouse, Montana Governor's Representative

Recycling, Energy and Compliance Assistance

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality houses the Montana State Energy Office within its Bureau of Energy and Pollution Prevention (EPP). Among its roles, EPP works to improve energy efficiency in public and private buildings within Montana, increase the use of renewable energy by providing technical assistance and working with developers to put projects on the ground, and provide analysis of energy trends and issues. EPP works to facilitate the implementation of cutting edge energy efficiency and alternative energy projects at state-owned buildings and manages a loan program for public and private alternative energy projects. EPP also works to coordinate Energy Performance Contracting for local governments and schools in Montana. In recent years, EPP has worked closely with other state agencies to develop and find funding for millions of dollars in energy efficiency projects at state-owned buildings to help reduce energy consumption and save taxpayers money. EPP also promotes the adoption of the most up-to-date and resource efficient building codes within the state.