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NEEA actively solicits bids on open Requests for Proposals and Qualifications from qualified contractors. View our current requests below for more details. We appreciate your interest in NEEA, and in accelerating energy efficiency in the Northwest.

Commercial Building Stock Assessment:  Phase 1 Planning

As a regional service, and in partnership with our stakeholders, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) conducts a periodic Commercial Building Stock Assessment (CBSA), a program of research and analysis that results in a database of commercial buildings in the Northwest. NEEA is seeking a qualified contractor or team of contractors to conduct planning and provide sampling expertise for the 2017/2018 Commercial Building Stock Assessment.

This Request for Proposal (RFP) covers Phase 1 Planning and requests bidders to discuss thoughtful and innovative approaches for assessing and updating the overall sample frame, potential weighting schemes, the quantity and utility of the building-specific variables collected on-site, and effective engagement of regional stakeholders in these foundational tasks.

NEEA is seeking expert consultation to ensure the best outcome for this CBSA given the resources available. Bidders should demonstrate experience with and qualifications in complex sample design; including implications of different stratification schemes, approaches to post stratification weighting, and risks of design effects. In addition, the successful bidder will need to possess sufficient knowledge of the equipment and features typical to commercial buildings to assess the data collection instruments and variables used in prior CBSAs in order to recommend improvements and/or identify opportunities to streamline data collection.

NEEA encourages firms with the capabilities and qualifications to perform the work described in this solicitation to submit an “intent to respond” according to the instructions described in the accompanying RFP. NEEA strongly encourages bidders to review the accompanying solicitation carefully.

NEEA will only provide answers to questions asked to bidders to provide an “intent to respond.” The intent to respond is due Sept. 30, 2016. Written proposals are due Nov. 4, 2016.

RFP Posted: Sept. 22, 2016.

Heat Pump Water Heater Market Progress Evaluation #3

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) is seeking well-written, thoughtful proposals for the third Market Progress Evaluation for its Heat Pump Water Heater initiative. Proposals should submit innovative, but appropriate qualitative and quantitative research methods to address the research objectives. Research objectives include assessing the impact of initiative programs to reach the installer market; exploring market effects of the 2015 National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA); and tracking the rate of adoption of heat pump water heaters.  Expertise applying qualitative and quantitative research methods, engaging with the supply chain, including the installer/contractor market, and conveying findings in compelling formats are required. 

NEEA will only provide answers to questions asked to bidders who provide an “intent to respond.”  

Intent to respond is due September 9, 2016. The deadline for submitting written proposals is September 30, 2016.  

RFP Posted:  August 29, 2016

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