Commercial Lighting

Commercial Code Enhancement

Aligning market practices to enhance energy codes

While many advanced design and construction practices have been successfully demonstrated, they have yet to be adopted into mainstream practice in the commercial building industry.

NEEA’s Commercial Code Enhancement program bridges the gap between market practices and state policies by identifying, assessing, and validating the feasibility and affordability of the next-generation technologies and practices.

By queuing up these technologies and practices, building market awareness and capability, and creating market support of new code measures the alliance is paving the way for the Northwest to adopt solution-oriented, market-supported technologies and practices.

Resource Spotlight

Advanced Lighting Guidelines - ALG Online

Lighting directly impacts the value of buildings, both in the environment it creates for occupants and in its level of energy efficiency and performance. Lighting is dynamic and multi-faceted. How does it work? What does it look like? How can it save time and money? All of these questions are relevant and ALG Online has the answers.

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Article Spotlight

Building Renewal - Montana Pilot


Northwestern Energy and NEEA are collaborating on a pilot project to demonstrate the viability of bringing existing older commercial office buildings into ultra-modern energy efficiency standards.

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NEEA Team Lead

Kim Hughes

Sr. Program Manager