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Complimentary Access to Advanced Lighting Guidelines (ALG) Online

ALG Online is the former Advanced Lighting Guidelines taken to the web, developed by the nonprofit New Buildings Institute. It is written and updated by expert lighting industry professionals for practicing professionals and provides a comprehensive, one-stop resource for lighting basics and efficiency, design guidance, real-life applications, lighting technologies and more.

NEEA’s BetterBricks sponsors ALG Online, providing unlimited access to local lighting professionals including trade allies and design teams in the Northwest for one year.*

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Lighting directly impacts the value of buildings, both in the environment it creates for occupants and in its level of energy efficiency and performance. Lighting is dynamic and multi-faceted. How does it work? What does it look like? How can it save time and money? All of these questions are relevant and ALG Online has the answers.

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All Things Commercial Lighting

This is a place to share and collaborate on the development and implementation of utility commercial lighting programs. Lots is changing in the area (T-12 phase out, new technologies, code changes, comprehensive retrofits.) Conduit offers another way to stay in touch and learn from each other.

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