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Commercial Real Estate (Includes Existing Building Renewal)

Equipping commercial real estate professionals with the knowledge to build energy efficiency into their business practices

In a complex and cluttered market, commercial real estate owners, property managers, technical teams, and tenants need a trusted source of information in order to adopt energy efficiency into their business practices to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

NEEA’s Commercial Real Estate program leverages strategic relationships to deliver a broad range of energy efficiency best practices and resources to commercial real estate (CRE) professionals and connect them to their utility. NEEA’s program helps CRE professionals identify and manages the drivers of their building’s energy usage and demonstrates the business case for energy efficiency, from operations and maintenance to deep energy retrofits. 

NEEA’s program seeks to accelerate the adoption of energy efficiency projects and best practices in the commercial real estate market. 




Building Results

NEEA transforms markets through energy efficiency competitions, one-on-one business coaching and targeted education and training. Learn more about our work with the commercial real estate market.

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  • 2014 Energy Savings for the Commercial Real Estate Strategic Energy Management Cohorts
    Since 2007, NEEA has offered the Commercial Real Estate initiative to encourage the Northwest’s commercial real estate market to adopt Strategic Energy Management practices to reduce energy use. This report documents validated 2014 savings from the Commercial Real Estate initiative. The office competition cohort saved 0.772 aMW during 2014, equivalent to 4.09 percent of building consumption. The market partners’ program cohort saved 0.611 aMW during 2014 equivalent to 5.54 percent of building consumption. Both results are statistically significant.
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  • Commercial New Construction Market Assessment
    NEEA seeks to accelerate high-performance new construction practices across the region through development of programs and resources that reinforce the value proposition and equip market actors to successfully implement high-performance projects. The report highlights trends, barriers, and opportunities for high-performance projects, with a focus on Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. This 2014 study discusses potential intervention strategies to increase adoption of new design and construction best practices for high-performance commercial buildings. CLEAResult led this project - which includes literature review, market data and stakeholder interviews - with additional support from New Buildings Institute.
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  • Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Market Test Assessment: Understanding Delivery, Partnership Strategies and Program Channels
    NEEA, through its Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Program, is seeking to drive the adoption of energy efficiency best practices. These best practices include behaviors and tools that continuously support effective implementation of energy management. This report provides insights to better understand the delivery, partnership strategies and program channels for promoting the adoption of such best practices to CRE executives. Key recommendations of this report include providing clear and consistent messages around a limited set of best practices; setting a progressive path of action that defines best practices; promoting the adoption of corporate sustainability policies; leveraging ENERGY STAR® Energy Star brand recognition; creating peer networks focused on energy efficiency; creating market clarity on available education and training; assisting internal champions in promoting energy efficiency best practices through case studies, specific tools and resources; and leveraging existing CRE partnerships.
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Video Spotlight

Thornton Oliver Keller: Building Renewal Playbook

Building Renewal helped Thornton Oliver Keller discover new energy efficiency opportunities in its property, Capitol Gateway Plaza II. By working closely with experts, they are following a ‘playbook’ to upgrade the buildings systems and improve energy performance.

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