Previously Funded Initiatives

Transforming markets in the long-term

NEEA helps accelerate the innovation and adoption of energy-efficient products into the market, then actively monitors and reviews our previous initiatives to measure ongoing energy savings and market share, and to evaluate cost-effectiveness. Our market transformation efforts continue to deliver savings long after the initial investment has stopped. 

Learn more about our previously funded initiatives:

  • NEEA Previously Funded Initiative: Healthcare
    In the highly regulated and risk-adverse healthcare industry, energy use is often viewed as a fixed cost, causing energy efficiency improvements to be overlooked. The alliance launched its 10-year Hospitals and Healthcare initiative in 2005 to increase awareness of Strategic Energy Management Plans (SEMPs) and integrate energy management into standard business practice.
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  • NEEA Previously Funded Initiative: TVs
    In coordination with major California utilities and ENERGY STAR, the region launched an initiative that greatly increased the availability of super-efficient TVs on retail shelves.
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  • NEEA Previously Funded Initiative: 80 PLUS
    Northwest utilities partnered with manufacturers and ENERGY STAR to reduce market barriers to energy-efficient power supplies for commercial desktop computers from 2004 through 2013. The 80 PLUS program continues to transform the market for desktops, servers, networking and storage equipment, and related product categories.
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  • NEEA Previously Funded Initiative: Windows
    We accelerated the market adoption of high-efficiency ENERGY STAR residential windows by working with manufacturers to comply with the ENERGY STAR specification, and partnering with retailers to get ENERGY STAR qualified windows on their shelves.
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  • NEEA Previously Funded Initiative: Washers
    Our partnership of manufacturers, utilities and retailers increased demand through rebates and targeted promotional campaigns and influenced more stringent efficiency standards for clothes washers.
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  • NEEA Previously Funded Initiative: Drive Power
    We partnered with ACEEE and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) to increase the region’s motor fleet efficiency by establishing the NEMA Premium brand. This effort helped buyers identify energy-efficient motors, and motor service centers to improve repair and motor management services.
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  • NEEA Previously Funded Initiative:CFLs
    We accelerated the adopted of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) by working with Bonneville Power to fund customer coupons for CFLs and leveraged utility incentives to convince CFL manufacturers to increase production. To increase product performance, we helped fund and manage a national third-party quality assurance program.
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