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NEEA is building on the infrastructure created by its past Efficient Homes initiative, with this program that's designed to increase market adoption of energy efficient advanced building practices for single-family homes.  

We support the residential new construction industry by providing technical assistance and training to residential home builders and home performance industry partners. We also encourage greater coordination among the multiple home certification programs operating in the market, in order to align energy efficiency requirements and drive participation. And, we raise awareness of energy-efficient home building by creating marketing tools and resources for utilities and industry partners.

Ultimately, the program is aimed at influencing and accelerating code over the next 3-4 cycles so that all new homes in the Northwest are built more efficiently.

  • Efficient rigs in manufactured digs; Consumer and dealer research on energy efficiency in manufactured homes
    Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance contracted with Arrow G Consulting to conduct a consumer and retailer/dealer qualitative research study during the first quarter of 2017. The purpose of the study is to support the NEEA Manufactured Homes program’s business objective to advance the voluntary energy efficiency standard for Northwest manufactured homes. Arrow G’s goal was to generate insights into ways to effectively communicate energy efficiency attributes by understanding both consumer and dealer needs and motivations. The report presents the dynamics of the manufactured home market, including a depiction of the market’s unique consumer base, and challenges dealers have in positioning energy efficiency in ways to compel interest among the market’s consumers.
    PDF, 3.00 MB
  • Exploring The Consumer Path-to-Purchase for New Construction Homes
    The qualitative research report, “Exploring The Consumer Path-To-Purchase for New Construction Homes,” captures the findings of a study that was conducted in Q1 of 2017. The objective of the study was to inform intervention strategies designed to overcome the Next Step Homes initiative’s barrier of consumer awareness. Qualitative research focused on recent purchasers of new construction homes in the Northwest region. The results in this Power Point report include: • The new construction homeowner path-to-purchase • Attitudes, influences and needs within the path-to-purchase • The experiences and interactions with builders throughout the process • Perceptions and attitudes regarding energy efficiency as a consideration during the construction process
    PDF, 2.99 MB
  • Market Progress Evaluation Report 1 Energy Codes Program
    Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) directs an energy codes program, the objective of which is to get sustained market change through the development, adoption, and implementation of increasingly stringent code in residential and commercial construction resulting in energy savings. This Market Progress Evaluation Report (MPER) report presents the findings of a formal evaluation of this program’s progress in achieving its goals and provides recommendations to improve program performance moving forward. The focus of this MPER was on codes efforts undertaken since 2011 in the northwest region (in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana). Key research objectives of the MPER were to conduct reviews of: the program logic model; cost effectiveness assumptions used to estimate program influence; program progress achieved; and effectiveness of processes implemented. The evaluation found that NEEA’s codes program has made a significant contribution to the Northwest region through its support of energy code development and adoption, implementation and compliance. The report’s recommends NEEA put additional focus on the timing and targeting of training.
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Thirteen super-energy efficient homes throughout the Northwest are incorporating the latest technologies and best building practices that increase comfort and reduce energy costs. Each home is a real-life demonstration of some of the most efficient homes available to today’s buyers and at any size, style or budget.

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