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Northwest residents 'Like' Energy Forward TVs

Shelby Wood
Marketshift Strategies - Portland


Northwest residents 'Like' Energy Forward TVs

Growing online community rewards contest winners with super energy-efficient TVs
Thousands of Northwest residents seized the opportunity this fall to learn more about Energy Forward televisions, the most technologically advanced and energy-efficient TVs on the market. A burgeoning Facebook consumer community shared their interests in televisions and energy efficiency, and five Big Picture Photo Contest winners will take home new Energy Forward Samsung LED HDTVs, just in the time for the holidays.
Energy Forward, created in collaboration between the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), more than 100 Northwest utilities, the Bonneville Power Administration, Energy Trust of Oregon and ENERGY STAR, helps consumers identify the most energy-efficient, technologically advanced televisions on the market. A TV with the distinctive orange Energy Forward sticker means it is engineered to be the very best of ENERGY STAR -- the well-known U.S. government-backed standard for energy efficiency.
Through the Energy Forward Big Picture Photo Contest, the region invited Northwest residents to use their wit and wordplay on the Energy Forward Facebook page by submitting photo captions that capture the benefits of a smart energy lifestyle. People were also encouraged to follow Energy Forward on Twitter, with the goal of fueling consumer awareness and demand for the most energy-efficient televisions during the biggest TV-buying season of the year.
“The winning captions did the best job of conveying the Energy Forward message -- advanced technology, superior performance and maximum energy efficiency -- and they also made us laugh,” said Diana Echeverria, marketing strategist for Idaho Power.
The winners of the Big Picture Photo Contest include: Shana McCurdy Davis from Portland, Ore. and Ross Remenak from Port Orchard, Wash., who won 55” Energy Forward Samsung LED HDTVs as the two grand prize winners. Toni Bumgarner Gormley from Port Orchard, Wash., Deana Hodges from Reubens, Idaho, Jeremiah Xiong from Eugene, Ore., Lee Curran from Missoula, Mont., and Adam Railsback from Ashland, Ore. all won a 46” Energy Forward Samsung LED HDTV as runner-up winners. Karla Luckow from Nampa, Idaho, Reid Smith from Portland, Ore., and Jim Terry from Snohomish, Wash., received honorable mention awards.
According to grand prize winner Ross Remenak, a Puget Sound Energy (PSE) utility customer from Port Orchard, Wash., winning this contest and the Energy Forward TV will help him embrace a more Energy Forward lifestyle. “My current TV is small, an energy hog, and the picture quality is really aging,” Remenak said. Remenak’s winning caption under a photo of a robe-wearing man in front of a TV is posted at

“We’re thrilled that our customers embraced the Energy Forward campaign and are actively looking at ways they can reduce their energy use,” said Cal Shirley, vice president of Energy Efficiency Services at PSE.

Campaign sponsor Sears and NEEA partner utilities, including many that have long embraced social media to engage with customers about ways to improve their energy efficiency, helped to amplify the Energy Forward message throughout the eight-week campaign.

The collaborative effort got results: On the Energy Forward Facebook page -- still very much alive at -- users who “liked” the page surged by more than 600 percent during the eight-week campaign and the community continues to grow. The Big Picture Photo Contest received more than 400 entries, as a result of a promotional campaign reaching more than 13 million Northwest residents via Facebook.

“Consumer awareness campaigns like the Energy Forward Big Picture Photo Contest are one of many tools we use to communicate the benefits that super energy-efficient TVs provide consumers,” said Becca Yates, NEEA residential marketing and communications manager. “Not only are these TVs technologically advanced, but they have the potential to save the region enough energy to power more than 290,000 homes annually—that’s a powerful message the Northwest is trying to get in front of its consumers.”
Increasing consumer awareness is only one facet of NEEA’s strategy to shift the television market toward maximum energy efficiency. NEEA also collaborates with its partners to develop more stringent product specifications and works with retailers to stock and promote these most efficient TVs. The goal is to accelerate market adoption of super-efficient TVs in the Northwest and to raise the bar for energy efficiency in TVs on a national scale.
NEEA’s work, combined with other partner efforts, has contributed to a shift toward greater energy efficiency in the dynamic and fast-moving TV market. At the start of 2011, energy-efficient TVs that are promoted with the Energy Forward sticker represented 12 percent of televisions sold in the Northwest by participating retailers. NEEA anticipates that final 2011 sales figures will show 35 to 40 percent of TVs sold in the region this year will be Energy Forward.
Energy Forward TVs can be purchased at major retailers including Best Buy, Costco, Kmart, Sam’s Club, Sears and Walmart, and a range of regional and independent retailers throughout the Northwest. More information on Energy Forward, including complete lists of retailers and super energy-efficient televisions, is available at

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