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Energy Efficiency Now the Northwest's Second Largest Resource, and Growing

For the eighth year in a row, energy efficiency improvements in 2012 surpassed the Council's annual target.

The 2012 savings, reported at the Council's January meeting, are equal to the annual electricity use of about 170,000 Northwest homes and exceeded the target by about 5 percent.

“Once again, the region’s utilities, Bonneville Power Administration, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Energy Trust of Oregon, electricity consumers, and businesses that install energy efficiency worked together to exceed the Council’s ambitious annual target,” Council Chair Bill Bradbury said. “Efficiency continues to be a very low-cost, environmentally clean power resource. It is now the region’s second-largest power supply, behind only hydropower.”

The 2012 savings totaled 253 average megawatts. The target in the Council’s Northwest Power Plan was 240. The calculation of 2013 savings won’t be completed until next fall.