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NEEA Board Unanimously Approves Energy Efficiency Natural Gas Market Transformation Plan

On August 26, in further support of energy efficiency in the Northwest, NEEA’s Board of Directors unanimously approved the strategies within the 2015-2019 energy efficiency natural gas market transformation business plan. The Board found the plan consistent with NEEA’s mission and its fuel neutral approach since 2010. 

The goal of this plan is to accelerate the development and market adoption of efficient natural gas products, practices and services resulting in increased consumer choices and increased efficiency of natural gas use in the Northwest.   

If funding is confirmed, this initial foray into regional natural gas market transformation would be the first of its kind in the nation.  It would allow the region to build experience working collaboratively in natural gas markets and leverage NEEA’s unique position in the market.    The work will also complement NEEA's recently adopted 2015-2019 Strategic and Business Plan for electric efficiency market transformation work.

The next step is for the collaborative to secure funding. 

View the NEEA 2015 – 2019 Natural Gas Market Transformation Business Plan. For additional information, contact Jeff Harris for more information at