Regional Strategic Market Planning

Coordinating resources to drive market transformation

While providing input for NEEA’s 2015-19 Business Plan, the region identified four strategic markets, or those in which a coordinated regional strategy can deliver the highest value to the region and maximize cost-effective, long-term energy efficiency opportunities. 

Regional Strategic Market Planning is a collaborative process among a number of participants; including Northwest utilities, NEEA and other regional energy efficiency organizations. The purpose is to align the region on longer-term goals in specific markets, improve coordination in the region, and maximize cost-effective, long-term energy efficiency opportunities.   

Regional Market Strategies Currently,  the region has identified four regionally strategic markets:

Commercial + Industrial Lighting
Consumer Products
Commercial New Construction 
Residential New Construction 

The region is developing a 10+ year strategic view for each of these markets.

These  plans set a shared vision, mission and goals, and identify key strategies and roles & responsibilities for NEEA, utilities and other regional energy efficiency organizations.  

The shared vision and strategy is critical for improving how the region collaborates to capture cost-effective, long-term energy efficiency.

The region has developed the first two regional strategic market plans, for lighting in 2015 and consumer products in 2016. Both are now in implementation. The Regional Portfolio Advisory Committee will continue to provide guidance for these markets, as well as on the need for collaboration in the new construction markets moving forward.


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Regional Strategic Market Planning

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Regional Platforms

Enabling greater efficiency at lower cost

Advancing energy efficiency in the Northwest requires regional coordination and leverage, in order to maximize cost-effective, long-term energy efficiency opportunities in key strategic markets. Developing regional platforms is key to delivering long-term results.

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