Home Energy Metering Study

Households across the Northwest are helping the region to reach greater energy efficiency by participating in the Home Energy Metering Study. 

About the Home Energy Metering Study  

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and its partners Evergreen Economics, kW Engineering, and Michaels Energy are seeking households that participated in the Residential Building Stock Assessment to join a follow-on study, the Home Energy Metering Study (HEMS).  This study will measure energy use by appliances in homes throughout the Northwest.  No personally-identifying information will be released.

Households participating in the study are eligible for these incentives, once the meters are installed:

$200 for the first site visit to install metering equipment for tenants, and $50 for landlords.

The study will use two different types of equipment:

  1. Temperature sensor. We’ll also use temperature sensors so we can measure the temperature inside your home, and for some appliances (heat pump).
  2. Data hub. We’ll also set up a hub that will store the meter data and send it to our secure servers.  

Interested in learning more? Potential participants in the Home Energy Metering Study can find answers to common questions in thisHome Energy Metering Study FAQs For Participants.

Additional Questions? Contact  Evergreen Economics at 1-833-971-4367 or HomeEnergyMeteringStudy@evergreenecon.com