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Find out the basics of the Residential Building Stock Assessment that is underway.

NEEA finished recruiting participants for its single-family component of the 2022 Residential Building Stock Assessment (RBSA) and is actively recruiting participants for its multifamily component of the RBSA. Potential multifamily participants should have received a mailer with a link to a survey. If you received a mailer, please head to the survey and fill out the required questions. 

If you have been contacted about participating in the RBSA and have questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions, call toll-free (833) 789-RBSA (7272) or email us.

The RBSA is a comprehensive research study of energy use in single-family and multi-family Northwest residential buildings. 

The RBSA will provide the region with useful information for residences, utilities, and researchers in order to improve energy efficiency practices and identify opportunities for energy efficiency in the future. This is the third RBSA study to be conducted in the region since 2011, across Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Washington state. NEEA has hired an energy consulting and research firm, Evergreen Economics, and its subcontractors, Driftless Energy, Michaels Energy and Evergreen Consulting Group, to conduct this research study. These firms will be contacting residents throughout the region to participate. 

This study involves gathering information from on-site assessments at participating homes, apartments and condos. These onsite assessments will take approximately 3-6 hours depending on the size of the residence. Evergreen Economics and its partner firms will collect information on energy-using equipment and building characteristics that affect energy consumption. They will also request authorization to collect electric and natural gas consumption data for all study participants from their electric and natural gas utilities. Participants will receive a $100 incentive for participation. There are also additional incentives available for residents who qualify for additional HVAC and ductwork testing.


Meet the Field Technicians:


Evergreen Consulting

RBSA Field Techs-Evergreen

Driftless Energy

RBSA Field Techs Driftless Energy

Michaels Energy

RBSA Field Techs Michaels Energy

Please see these Frequently Asked Questions, call toll-free (833) 789-RBSA (7272) or email us.

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