Natural Gas Market Transformation

Accelerating efficiency in natural gas

Collaborating to transform the natural gas market

Improving energy efficiency for Northwest energy consumers served by natural gas will result in significant benefits to the Northwest’s economy and energy availability. Regional natural gas funders including Avista, Cascade Natural Gas, Energy Trust of Oregon, NW Natural and Puget Sound Energy representing over 74 percent of the region’s residential and commercial gas customers are collaborating on natural gas energy efficiency market transformation.

The alliance works to accelerate the development and market adoption of energy-efficient natural gas products, practices and services and to increase the efficiency of natural gas use in the Northwest.

Details on natural gas market transformation activities are included in the 2020-2024 Business Plan, the alliance’s first dual-fuel integrated Business Plan. Moving forward, NEEA will continue to deliver value to the region by discovering and supporting the development of efficient natural gas technologies, creating the conditions for market adoption and influencing more efficient codes and standards.

Advanced Water Heater Specification

Utilities, energy efficiency organizations and market partners developed the Advanced Water Heating Specification to advance higher performing electric and gas heat pump water heaters. While this specification is rooted in ensuring performance in cooler northern climates, its applicability and benefits extend well beyond the Northwest. The specification also enhances the end goals of NEEA's water heating programs - to influence the passage of federal standards requiring heat pump levels of performance for both gas and electric storage water heaters.