2017 Market Research and Evaluation (Reporting Guidelines)


Market Research and Evaluation (MRE) reports are a vital and trusted source of information for NEEA personnel, funder and stakeholders. In fact, MRE reports are the most frequented part of NEEA’s public website. In addition to being accurate and actionable, NEEA would like its partners to deliver reports that can be understood and used by a wide variety of audiences for maximum impact.

The audience for NEEA’s reports is a variety of subject matter experts with a capacity to digest complex information. However, this audience also extremely busy with limited time for poorly communicated information. To that end, NEEA has created a set of guidelines to clarify its expectations regarding three key report writing elements: 

Table of Contents:

  • Organization: Format, Executive Summary and Report Flow - (4)

  • Visualization: When, Why, Where and How - (7)

  • Readability: Dealing with Prose, Choosing Colors & Fonts and Other Tips - (8)

  • Appendices: Cover Page Template, Cover Sheet for PowerPoint Reports - (11-12)