Marketing Newsletter Q1 2019

Welcome to the Q1 2019 Marketing Newsletter!

The 2019 Marketing calendar outlines proposed promotion dates and other planned marketing activities. Below is information on available program resources, upcoming promotions, and other relevant program information.

Super-Efficient Dryers

NEEA’s Super-Efficient Dryer team finalized results of a manufacturer-led promotion that took place in Q4 2018. The Blomberg-branded campaign leveraged paid media in Facebook, Google and an ad network to drive consumers to a custom landing page on Blomberg’s website with the call to action to find a retailer. During the promotion period, we saw weekly rebates claimed for heat pump dryers increase 1.9x compared to the previous four-week period. Additionally, sales of heat pump dryers at Albert Lee’s annual warehouse sale increased by 20% compared to the previous year. This is a significant increase in sales that coincides with this effort and provides a baseline performance against which we can measure future efforts. Download the report here. Please contact Kyle Stuart with any questions.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

The Hot Water Solutions team is currently planning a two-month consumer awareness campaign slated to start in August. The awareness campaign will leverage the same 30-second spot created for the 2018 campaign, and likely run in cable and YouTube in select markets based on utility elections per the Downstream Marketing process. Similar to the 2018 effort, this year’s campaign will include a call to action for consumers to contact their utility or visit the Hot Water Solutions website to learn more. NEEA will convene a Regional Portfolio Advisory Committee + Marketing (RPAC+) meeting in May to review the campaign and ensure funder coordination. Please contact Kyle Stuart with any questions.

Ductless Heat Pumps

In the February Regional Portfolio Advisory Committee (RPAC+) meeting, NEEA staff discussed an evolution to a previously proposed DHP marketing tactic. In Q4 last year, NEEA marketing staff proposed running paid digital media in online communities such as NextDoor. Since that time, we’ve shifted our marketing strategy to focus on content-generation that provides long-term value for the market rather than focus on short term digital media buys. Producing educational content that’s discoverable by consumers via organic search – and available for utilities and partners – will be a more judicious use of marketing budget. More information about this update can be found on page 37 of the Q1 2019 RPAC packet. Please contact Kyle Stuart with any questions. 

NEEM Video
Manufactured Homes

NEEA marketing is continuing to support Northwest Energy Works’ (NEW) go-to-market efforts after their formal launch of the NEEM + manufactured home in 2018. Initially, NEEA supported the development of a retailer training video and program brochure to introduce market actors to the new NEEM + offering, which we followed with the development of additional retail collateral (Spanish brochure, window clings, door mats). With a NEEM presence now existing at retail locations around the Northwest, we are working with NEW to build consumer awareness and education around the NEEM/NEEM + product offerings. Many of the resources we have created during this process are available on Conduit, and more will be available on NEEA’s funder portals soon!

 NEEA recently shared with the manufactured homes workgroup our role in supporting the production of a NEEM educational video that can be leveraged by manufacturers, retailers and utilities to highlight the benefits of highly efficient manufactured homes to potential homebuyers. We are currently assisting NEW in executing a digital campaign to drive traffic to the website to watch the video, learn more about the product and find a retailer to purchase a new NEEM home. Visitors can also learn about utility rebates, and NEW plans to further develop the utility presence on their site.

 If you have any questions, please contact Josh Pelham.

Lllc Flyers
Luminaire Level Lighting Controls: Energy Efficiency and Non-Energy Benefits Featured in New LLLC Templates

When the regional Commercial Lighting Workgroup met in January, we learned from utility program managers that they had three priorities to communicate to customers about Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (LLLCs): energy savings, non-energy benefits, and the benefits of LLLCs in specific building types. We heard that feedback and introduced three new templates to the LLLC utility toolkit, now available for download and customization. In addition to updating the existing infographic, FAQ and informational flyer, we added building-specific one-pagers focusing on the benefits of LLLCs in hospitals, office buildings and schools to the toolkit. If you would like assistance with customization or have other requests, please contact Carol Lindstrom.

Nxt Level Site Hero
NXT Level Lighting Training

The new, dedicated NXT Level website goes live in March 2019. In October 2018, BPA launched a new website that combined its HVAC and Lighting Trade Ally Networks and reduced the need for the Northwest Lighting Network (NWLN) website. To support BPA’s new website structure, we have repurposed the NWLN site to become a stand-alone NXT Level site, focused on promoting and encouraging lighting experts across the Northwest to participate in the NXT Level 1 and 2 trainings. We hope you’ll visit the site at

Nxt Level 2 Portland
NXT Level 2

NXT Level is a free, comprehensive training that empowers lighting professionals with the knowledge to better design, sell and install more advanced commercial and industrial lighting retrofits. Building on the lighting techniques and technologies delivered in NXT Level 1, the new NXT Level 2 training equips lighting professionals with an advanced curriculum featuring a hands-on combination of in-person and online training.

NXT Level 2 successfully launched in the Puget Sound area in Q4 2018. A total of 16 individuals attended the all-day workshop, with two having successfully completed the training and officially earning the NXT Level 2 Designation as of March 2019. The remaining 14 Puget Sound area trade allies are currently making their way through the training to achieve NXT Level 2 Designation.

The NXT Level 2 lighting training continues to roll out across the region, with the most recent training having taken place in Portland on March 5. 46 trade allies attended the all-day course, which is the first step to becoming NXT Level 2-designated.

Another NXT Level 2 training will be in the format of an interactive online webinar to allow rural NXT Level 1 trade allies to attend, as well as those who were unable to attend the Puget Sound and Portland area cohorts and is set to take place in Q2 2019. Stay tuned for more information.

BetterBricks ad example
BetterBricks Digital Campaign

As presented to the Regional Portfolio Advisory Committee and marketing staff (RPAC+) in February, BetterBricks will begin a targeted, paid digital campaign to reach architects, engineers, building operators, facility managers, and designers starting in April. The campaign will aim to establish BetterBricks as a trusted, third party resource for information on energy-efficient technology and practices, and thought leadership on the business case for energy efficiency and high performing buildings.

The campaign will direct visitors to the BetterBricks campaign landing page where they can sign up for the monthly e-newsletter, utilize resources, and connect with their utility. For more information on the campaign—timing, messaging, audience—please contact Natalie Fish

Window Attachments office
Window Attachments

Marketing for the Window Attachments program includes working with the Integrated Design Lab (IDL) at the University of Washington to raise the general awareness of the window attachments category and particularly secondary glazing systems and low-e storm windows. The IDL will create a series of articles that increase the awareness of secondary glazing systems amongst commercial building professionals and will be presenting at upcoming events, one of which is the NW Facilities Expo in May at the Oregon Convention Center.

The articles will raise awareness of the technology, its uses and benefits. The first article is written for a technical audience: architects, engineers, facility managers, and building operators, who are seeking a solution for under-performing windows. The first article is available for download on BetterBricks and for placement in utility channels. Please contact Natalie Fish with questions.

Resources & Upcoming Events
Cda Resort And Lake Cda In Summertime

Are you attending Efficiency Exchange 2019 in Coeur d’Alene, ID, on May 14-15? If so, don’t miss the marketing-focused session on the morning of May 14: Tuning Your Marketing and Communications for Meaningful Engagement. This session will explore tactics and strategies that drive program participation based on data and audience insights. You’ll learn why marketing communications should start from understanding the audience, approaches for gathering customer insights, tactics for applying customer insights to narrow your focus on the most susceptible audience segment, the importance of taking an outside-in approach when designing a multicultural outreach effort, and an understanding of the role of culture and context. Learn more and register for EFX19.

2019 Marketing Calendar

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