Jun 01, 2018

Marketing Newsletter Q2 2018

Welcome to the Q2 2018 Marketing Newsletter!

The 2018 Marketing Calendar is posted below in the resource section. This calendar outlines proposed promotion dates and other planned marketing activities. Below is information on available program resources, upcoming promotions, and other relevant program information.

Hot Water Solutions

In early May, the Hot Water Solutions team began producing a number of videos for our regional partners to co-brand and use in their respective channels. The team is developing both consumer and installer testimonial videos, as well as a do it yourself installation video and a technical installation video for contractors. Final video assets will be made available at the end of June. 

Ductless Heat Pumps

The DHP team is currently undergoing an update to the consumer section of GoingDuctless.com. The goal of the refreshed website is to increase consumer demand specifically for 1:1 DHP systems, and educate consumers on expected installation costs and how to best work with contractors. The team will solicit utility feedback in the coming months with the goal of launching the site in July. 

Super-Efficient Dryers

The Super-Efficient Dryer team recently conducted a qualitative consumer research among purchasers of heat pump dryers to better understand their needs, influences and process when purchasing a dryer. These findings, which will be available in mid-June, will inform future marketing efforts, including messaging, channel strategy and tactics. 

Hef 2018 Logo Dark Rgb
Next Step Homes

Home Efficiency Forum has found its 2018 location: Boise, Idaho! We are excited to head further east this year to talk efficient home-building with industry professionals in and around Boise. The event will be held at The Grove hotel, October 11-12 with more details forthcoming. You can register and keep an eye out for more information at HomeEfficiencyForum.com.

With more and more utilities launching or considering launching residential new construction programs, the Next Step Homes team is working on pulling together all the resources we’ve developed to aid throughout the process and compiling them in a single, easy-to-access location and format. 

While we are early in the process, we currently anticipate this resource to be available both online at BetterBuiltNW.com, and in a physical format mid-to-late 2018. This is also the perfect time to understand what resources you would be interested in while designing and launching a residential new construction program at your utility, and/or any questions you might have about the process.

Manufactured Homes

The manufactured homes team recently concluded an online message testing effort and has received final results and recommendations. Lower monthly utility bills and greater return on investment were some of the top consumer motivators when considering an energy-efficient manufactured home.

The team recently shared an explanation of how we are approaching a brand platform and strategy for NEEA’s manufactured homes efforts with both the workgroup and Residential Advisory Committee via a memo, and we wanted to share that with you. 

Our current approach was reached based on 1) the desire to utilize an existing market brand rather than create a new one, 2) the relationship of the existing NEEM program within the ENERGY STAR certification process (ENERGY STAR will remain the primary consumer brand), and 3) repeated industry feedback and direction provided to NEEM. 

Read the full memo here: Marketing – NEEM 2.0 Naming and Messaging

LLLC fixture
Luminaire Level Lighting Controls

Many of the Northwest utilities either have or are in the process of implementing incentives on advanced lighting controls including luminaire level lighting controls. If you are promoting these products to your customers and trade allies, a customizable utility toolkit is available for your use. It includes an infographic, flyer and an FAQ about the technology. Please email Stacy Blumberg if you would like the native files to customize. 

Nxt Level logo
NXT Level Lighting Training

The NXT Level Jump Start is an in-person training that covers one module of the NXT Level lighting training. If you are interested in hosting a Jump Start at your utility or trade ally training, please contact Stacy Blumberg. An online, webinar version is in development and scheduled to launch late this summer. 

Ema Tool

This year, the SEM team is working on developing more frequent and robust communications with a focus on highlighting and sharing current best practices and examples of thought-leadership in Strategic Energy Management. We will be creating a SEM Hub newsletter, and welcome suggestions and requests for content!

The SEM team is also excited to announce that we have recently completed the new Energy Management Assessment tool, which offers a strategic and confidential analysis of an organization’s current energy management business practices. One of the most valuable pieces of this project was including white-label functionality and customization options, allowing for utilities and energy efficiency organizations around the region fully brand this fantastic SEM resource and utilize it in their individual program efforts.

If you would like to make sure you are on the SEM Hub distribution list, or are interested in a demo of the new white-label EMA tool, email Josh Pelham.

Resources & Upcoming Events
  • Ductless Heat Pump Image library:
    The DHP image library was updated in December 2017 and includes large selection of installation, lifestyle and product imagery free for our partners to use in their marketing and communications efforts. The password is Ductless4Life. 
  • Luminaire Level Lighting Controls Utility Toolkit:
    We have prepared a suite of tools and marketing materials for distributors and utilities to use to educate your customers on the benefits of Luminaire Level Lighting Controls. Customizable materials are available in both PDFs and native files for your ease in use.

2018 Marketing Calendar

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