Marketing Newsletter Q3 2019

Welcome to the Q3 2019 Marketing Newsletter!

The 2019 Marketing calendar outlines proposed promotion dates and other planned marketing activities. Below is information on available program resources, upcoming promotions, and other relevant program information.

Next Step Homes

Requests for photography are among the most frequent we receive from utility and market partners alike. Residential New Construction programs have been in need of professional, relevant photography that can be used broadly and flexibly, and we are excited to finally have just such photography available.

We spent time capturing a variety of images in Washington and Montana, focusing on shots of both completed and in-construction energy-efficient homes, specific energy-efficient technologies found inside the home, and activities that are part of the home certification process, such as a blower door test. We even took some fun bonus shots of interesting locations nearby while we were out and about!

Two packages of pre-selected, retouched photos are now available for download at Be aware that the ZIP files are rather large, so if you run into issues downloading let us know and we will get you the assets another way. It is also worth mentioning that while the photos in these packages are edited and ready-to-go, we have an even greater selection of raw images if nothing you see in the packages fits the bill. Reach out to Josh Pelham if you experience any issues, or if you are unable to find what you are looking for.

B Brix Vid Series

BetterBricks Launches Video Series

BetterBricks has launched a new series of videos to explore how to identify and tackle energy efficiency opportunities. The six videos feature industry experts discussing benchmarking, net zero buildings, envelope and window upgrades, and innovations in HVAC and lighting systems. 
 The video series is now available on the BetterBricks YouTube channel. The series includes:

Watch the complete series here and subscribe to be notified for future videos. Please reach out to Josh Pelham with any questions.

HPWH Shoot
Hot Water Solutions

The Hot Water Solutions team recently completed a HPWH lifestyle photoshoot. The aim of these new photos is to provide the market with high-quality, lifestyle imagery to use in marketing materials, training and HPWH program materials. New photos can be downloaded from the image library on the Hot Water Solutions website. The password is HPWH4Life. 

Please contact Kyle Stuart with any questions.

Heat Pump Water Heater Consumer Awareness Campaign

The Hot Water Solutions team launched a three-month consumer awareness campaign in August. The awareness campaign leverages the 30-second spot created for the 2018 campaign, and is running on cable in HGTV and DIY Network, and YouTube in select markets based on utility elections per the Downstream Marketing process. Similar to the 2018 effort, this year’s campaign includes a call to action for consumers to contact their utility or visit the Hot Water Solutions website to learn more.

Please contact Kyle Stuart with any questions.

Lllc Cree Light Attributed
Lighting experts explore the benefits of Luminaire-Level Lighting Control systems.

As lighting technology advances and as building operations and tenant needs become increasingly complex, Luminaire Level Lighting Controls can solve a variety of lighting challenges for designers, architects, facility managers, and contractors alike.To showcase the versatility of these systems and the role they will play in the future of lighting design, NEEA talked to four regional experts in the lighting industry to develop an “Ask the Expert” Q&A series, to utilize in earned media outreach in relevant trade publications. These experts come from a range of backgrounds in the lighting industry – giving them the expertise to both provide unique perspectives on where the industry is headed and resonate with their peers in earned media and other content applications.

These “Ask the Expert” interviews have been placed in the Lighting Controls Association blog and LightNOW blog, with additional placements expected later this year. Based on the success of the written series, NEEA is currently working on extending this concept to other content applications – including a video series expected in late 2019 and early 2020.Read the interviews here:

Manufactured Homes Sales Challenge

To build interest and deeper understanding of NEEM+ manufactured homes among sales staff throughout the region, the program team has been supporting Northwest Energy Works to create and launch a limited-time NEEM+ “sales challenge,” available for qualified salespeople in the Northwest.

Participants receive a small NEEM-branded gift upon signing up for the challenge and can receive increasingly interesting prizes as they sell greater numbers of NEEM+ homes. Sales staff have responded with excitement about this opportunity and we plan to support their sales efforts with additional resources and information throughout the challenge, which ends mid-2020. For more information, contact Josh Pelham.

Super-Efficient Dryers

NEEA’s Super-Efficient Dryer (SED) team developed an “Energy-Efficient Dryers Buyer’s Guide” intended to provide consumers a thorough overview of all ENERGY STAR and ENERGY STAR Most Efficient dryers, including hybrid and heat pump models. Working with our partners at ENERGY STAR, the SED team placed the buyer’s guide on the ENERGY STAR website and developed a consumer campaign driving traffic back to the guide.

Extended Motor Products (XMP)

To support the launch of the Hydraulic Institute's Energy Rating label and the updates to the DOE pump standard regulations in January 2020, the XMP initiative is developing a video on the benefits of purchasing smart pumps under 50hp with integrated variable control drives. Each smart pump is highly engineered and finely tuned to integrate its specific pump curve into the onboard VFD, making sure that the pump owner gets the best possible performance for years to come. The first cost of smart pumps is offset by the absence of other installation costs (VFD, electrical work, installation, commissioning, etc.); manufacturer or utility rebates may also be available. This video can be white-labeled for use by pump manufacturer reps and distributors for use in their website, materials and trainings. The videos will be available in Q1 2020.

Resources & Upcoming Events
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