Paving the way for new market transformation programs: building a bridge from resource acquisition

Paving the Way for New Market Transformation Programs: Building a Bridge from Resource Acquisition

By Dulane Moran, Nick Leritz, and Beth Littlehales, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (Paper presented at ACEEE 2018 Summer Study For Buildings)

A dearth of cost-effective opportunities in the residential sector has increased national interest in market transformation (MT) strategies; particularly the value of obtaining scale sufficient to influence the large retailers. Over the past two years, the authors have been driving progress of the ENERGY STAR® Retail Products Platform (ESRPP). This national mid-stream program seeks to improve the overall energy consumption performance for a portfolio of consumer products by engaging directly with retailers who deliver product options to consumers as a mechanism for influencing retailer product assortment. The data and access available through ESRPP means sponsors can develop nuanced market intelligence, and identify opportunities to increase the overall efficiency of entire product categories through improvements in product testing, labeling, and ENERGY STAR specifications. 

Achieving these structural outcomes requires leveraging the scale represented through the national program. While potential benefits are large, there are challenges for organizations joining without a mandate that includes MT. We have identified four components that appear most critical to incorporating MT approaches in organizations more aligned with resource acquisition. This paper provides insight for integrating each. While this paper provides examples from ESRPP, these components apply to any market transformation initiative.

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