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Building Operator Certification

Holistic Approach to Building Management at Umpqua College

In a new video produced by Energy Trust of Oregon, Jess Miller of Umpqua Community College discusses the impact of BOC’s holistic approach to building management and why it is “absolutely critical to help you improve.” 

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Energy Trust tops 10,000 energy efficient homes 

The number of homes built in Oregon with an Energy Trust of Oregon "Energy Performance Score" continues to rise each year. 

Hybrid Electric Heat Pump 50 Gallon_Smith - Web

New heat pump water heater changes the game

A. O. Smith, the largest manufacturer and marketer of water heaters in North America, has introduced a dramatically efficient new model of heat pump water heater. The new Voltex qualifies for the highest tier of efficiency under the Advanced Water Heater Specification

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Super Efficient Dryer

Characterization of the Super-Efficient Dryer Market

This study characterizes the super-efficient dryer market in the Northwest, including ENERGY STAR® dryers and dryers with heat pump technology (both pure heat pump and hybrid). The study finds that there is broad consumer interest in energy-efficient dryers. Selling points included energy savings and the adoption of new technology, while concerns are price, cycle length and reliability. A key recommendation of the study is that a rebate of at least $200 is needed to influence purchase. 

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