What's New in the Region

EFFEX 2016

Efficiency Exchange Happening April 26-28 

“This is the biggest utility energy efficiency event in the Northwest,” said Richard Génecé, vice president of Energy Efficiency for BPA. “It's where utilities, implementers, contractors and policy-makers share ideas, best practices and strategies so that we can continue to drive the Northwest’s energy efficiency powerhouse.”


Rooftop Pilot

Raising the Roof for Energy Savings 

The natural gas collaborative is piloting commercially-available high efficiency rooftop HVAC units in four sites across the northwest.  These units are designed to provide heat and make-up air to commercial spaces such as hotels, retailers, and restaurants.



Dedicating regional efforts to Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Washington State is poised to approve code language for prescriptive requirements for Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS). These new HVAC requirements will bring efficient HVAC design strategies for buildings beginning July 1, 2016.

Latest Market Research

Next Step Homes 2016

NEEA's research drives our programming, defines the challenges within our work, and provides critical market data about regional energy consumption

Next Step Homes Average 30% Above Code

NEEA is leading a regional effort called Next Step Homes. The program encourages the design and construction of homes that are significantly above current code.  Our study of the first dozen homes constructed in Phase I of the program found that on average, these homes were 30% more efficient than code built homes.

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