Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

NEEA is a collaboration of 140 utilities and efficiency organizations working together to advance energy efficiency in the Northwest on behalf of more than 13 million consumers.

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    Progress Through Partnership

    Working together, the Northwest filled the energy efficiency pipeline, took stock of regional data and collaborated to advanced energy efficiency across the region.

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    Give feedback on NEEA's Draft Strategic Plan​

    NEEA’s Board of Directors is now inviting public input on NEEA’s Draft Strategic Plan. Many of you have participated in this process over the last year, so please take this opportunity to review this draft by August 31 to share your feedback on the proposed strategies and boundary conditions for guiding the alliance moving forward.

  • Emerging Technology

    Emerging Technologies

    By investing in, developing, and validating new and emerging energy efficiency technologies, the alliance helps identify and refine technologies that perform well and save energy for Northwest consumers, while decreasing risks for the region. See what technologies the region is working together on.

    Transforming the Energy Efficiency Marketplace

    The alliance represents the market power of the Northwest’s 13 million consumers, working to build trust and credibility with regional and national entities. View NEEA's current bylaws and 2015-2019 Budget by funding organization here.