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Our Purpose
- The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) is an alliance of utilities and energy efficiency organizations that pools resources and shares risks to transform the market for energy efficiency to the benefit of consumers in the Northwest.

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    Congratulations to the 2020 Award Recipients!

    This recap article highlights the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance's (NEEA) sixth annual Leadership in Energy Efficiency Awards ceremony. Held as a virtual webinar, NEEA’s Board and staff convened on December 3, 2020 to carry on the tradition of celebrating excellence in collaboration, innovation and life-long contributions to advancing energy efficiency in the Northwest.

  • Rheem HPWH T3 Basement S

    Looking for the Electric & Natural Gas Advanced Water Heating Specifications?

    Find the most recent electric and natural gas Advanced Water Heating Specifications and all supporting documentation, including the Qualified Products List.

  • Vhe Doas Rooftop

    Very High Efficiency Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

    This System Requirements and Recommendations Summary provides manufacturers, designers and installers of very high efficiency DOAS systems with performance requirements and guidance for application in the Pacific Northwest climate zones. Additionally, the document provides design guidelines for added insight into the performance specification parameters and methods, and approaches for meeting corresponding requirements.

  • HPWH Study

    Heat Pump Water Heaters Achieve Significant Peak Reduction and Energy Savings

    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has teamed up with Bonneville Power Administration, Portland General Electric and other Northwest utilities to study the load shifting and #energyefficiency potential of heat pump water heaters. The results demonstrate that 90% of evening peak load power can be reduced by switching from uncontrolled electric resistance water heaters to connected heat pump water heaters, while reducing risks for utilities as well as costs to consumers.

  • Pump

    Characterizing the market for smart pumps

    This study considered small horsepower energy-efficient pumps, or “smart pumps": packaged systems consisting of a pump, variable speed drive and integrated controls. The report discusses how the alliance can continue to shape the market through activities such as documenting smart pump performance, providing targeted training to supply chain actors, and supporting increased communication among and between supply chain actors.

    Looking for the latest Advanced Water Heating Specification?

    Electric & Natural Gas Advanced Water Heating Spec

    Find the most recent electric and natural gas advanced water heating specifications and all supporting documentation., including the qualified products list.

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    Transforming the Energy Efficiency Marketplace

    The alliance represents the market power of the Northwest’s 13 million consumers, working to build trust and credibility with regional and national entities. View NEEA's current bylaws, the Board Manual and 2020-2024 Budget by funding organization.