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"Future proofing"commercial buildings

NEEA’s Commercial Real Estate (CRE) program leverages strategic relationships to deliver a broad range of energy efficiency best practices practices and tools to make the business case for energy efficiency, from operations and maintenance to deep energy retrofits.


A prescription for healthier energy use

NEEA has published a case study examining a decade of market shift efforts to enable industry adoption of energy efficiency practices among Northwest healthcare facilities.

Latest Market Research

TV MPERNEEA's research drives our programming, defines the challenges within our work, and provides critical market data about regional energy consumption

NEEA’s Consumer Electronics Television initiative sought to influence the television market in the Northwest from 2009-13. Due to the importance of large, national retailers in the TV market and the scope of their decisions around product assortments this initiative also had impacts nationally.

The report found that the initiative influenced the TV market at both the national and regional levels.

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