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Next Step Homes 2016

Next Step Homes Average 30% Above Code

Next Step Homes is a regional program encouraging the design and construction of homes that are significantly above current code.  Our study of the first dozen homes constructed in the program found that on average, these homes were 30% more efficient than code built homes.


Rooftop Pilot

Avista’s Helpful Approach Making Small Businesses More Energy Efficient

In its first nine months, Spokane-based Avista reports having installed nearly 12,000 energy efficiency measures and captured energy savings of more than 900,000 kWh. Even more important is the high level of customer engagement and overall satisfaction with the program.



Taming energy hogs with efficient HVAC units

This unassuming piece of HVAC equipment is part of a pilot effort to verify and increase energy savings potential for condensing models. It’s not unusual to see rooftop HVAC units sprinkled across flat roofs on commercial properties throughout the Northwest

Latest Market Research


NEEA's research drives our programming, defines the challenges within our work, and provides critical market data about regional energy consumption

Pilot Study Supports Focus on Energy Codes

NEEA conducted a pilot study to develop and test a methodology for commercial energy code evaluation. This objective supports the growing focus on energy code as a key strategy for meeting energy planning and performance goals. The methodology developed from this study embodies a more broad-based, integrated approach, including a cost-effective field review and compliance assessment of completed buildings with additional assessments of the implementation environment, and post-occupancy energy performance.

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