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First Regional Data on Industrial Energy Use

NEEA has just released the Industrial Facilities Site Assessment (IFSA), the first region-wide study of energy use characteristics of industrial facilities in the Northwest.


Business Plan Renewal

Region funds NEEA’s 2015-2019 Strategic and Business Plans

NEEA announced it secured funding at a total of $168.6 million for its next five-year business cycle, and will implement its 2015-2019 Strategic and Business Plans starting in January 2015.


Latest Market Research

Commercial Building StudyNEEA's research drives our programming, defines the challenges within our work, and provides critical market data about regional energy consumption

The Commercial Building Stock Assessment (CBSA) is a periodic regional study that provides a database of commercial building information for the Northwest. This collective effort will inform power plan conservation targets and will have a profound effect on energy efficiency planning and programming around the region.

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