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Find out the basics of the 2025 Commercial Building Stock Assessment that is currently underway.


The Commercial Building Stock Assessment (CBSA) collects, analyzes, and publishes building characteristic and energy use data for commercial and multi-family buildings in the Northwest. If your building was chosen to participate in the 2025 CBSA, please complete the survey by clicking the Start Survey button below.

If you have been contacted about participating in the 2025 CBSA and have questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions, call 1-855-662-5694, or send an email.

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The 2025 CBSA will provide the region with useful information regarding energy use and efficiency. The data, which will encompass buildings across Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington, can be used by building owners and managers, utilities, architects, government officials, and researchers to understand energy use in the Northwest, compare energy efficiency across buildings, and plan for future energy needs. Endorsed by local utilities and administered by NEEA—an alliance of local utilities and energy efficiency organizations in the Northwest— the 2025 study is the third CBSA since 2014.

The study involves two components: 1) a web survey, and 2) an in-person site visit.

  • The web survey collects basic information about building use, structure, ownership and occupancy, and energy sources and uses. The survey should be completed by a knowledgeable person at the selected building and takes about 30 minutes to complete.
  • The in-person site visit collects detailed technical information about the building and equipment. A trained field technician will tour the building and collect data using a tablet. The in-person site visit takes about 3-8 hours depending on the size of the building.

Participants will receive $100 to $300 as a thank you for participating, depending on the size of the building.

NEEA hired Westat, a leading data collection and analysis research firm for over six decades, and Michaels Energy, an energy consulting firm that provided support to NEEA for its 2022 Residential Building Stock Assessment, to conduct this research study for commercial and multi-residential buildings. These firms will contact respondents throughout the region to participate.

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