High Efficiency Clothes Dryers - Test Procedure and Qualified Products List

Expanding the availability of energy-efficient clothes dryers

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) developed the first version of the Clothes Dryer Test Procedure in 2017 to supplement the U.S. Department of Energy required tests by testing additional size loads with real-world textiles to more accurately reflect the energy use of dryers and recognize dryers that are more energy efficient by creating a qualified products list (QPL).

In 2022, NEEA updated the Version 1.2 test procedure to Version 2.0 to take advantage of key learnings from using the test procedure for several years. Version 2.0 reduces the test burden, improves the representativeness of compact dryer test loads, improves repeatability, and updates the final moisture content approach to more accurately reflect the real world. The test procedure also provides a standardized supplemental test protocol for manufacturers and utilities to identify more efficient products.

Identifying the most efficient clothes dryers available supports NEEA's Market Transformation goals of increasing the adoption of these dryers, advancing more efficient dryer technologies, and influencing mandatory and voluntary performance standards.

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Dryer Utility Test Protocol - Version 2.0

This document describes a clothes dryer laboratory test procedure used to calculate a real-world metric for residential clothes dryer energy use. The procedure describes the different cycles, settings, test load articles, and equipment needed to generate the energy metric.

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Residential Dryer Test Procedure Report

NEEA conducted laboratory testing on more than 60 dryers to gather information on efficiency and qualify heat pump dryers for regional stakeholders’ incentive programs, revealing several opportunities to improve the existing test procedure and resulting in Version 2.0.

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Residential Dryers Qualified Products List

The Qualified Products List contains information on residential dryer products that meet the EPA ENERGY STAR® requirements. The list includes those that meet Bonneville Power Administration's incentive tiers based on testing with the Utility Test Protocol.

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