Micro Heat Pump Field Study Results - Product Council

July 18, 2023 - During this Product Council, C+C presented the results from a field study of three different window heat pump form factors (saddle bag, portable, classic window AC). These represent a new class variable speed "micro heat pumps" that are suitable for DIY, can be plugged into a 120V outlet and provide energy efficient single room heating and cooling. Phase 1 of the project involved 36 customer interviews to understand their perceptions, and expectations. Phase 2 of the project was a home use test to understand the customer experience installing, operating, noise, and any mechanical limitations that may impact performance or customer experience.

Additional research objectives were to 1) understand how users changed behavior such that the window heat pump displaced heating and cooling from preexisting sources, and 2) gather basic operational data of the equipment. NEEA anticipates that equipment performance testing the next generation of "cold climate" versions of these products will likely be conducted when they become available in 2024.

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