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Get critical market data and insights about regional energy consumption that  supports power planning and provides market insights that inform program design, outreach and implementation.

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Market Research & Evaluation Reports

Learn about the progress, market impact and potential of energy efficiency efforts in the region.

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Annual + Quarterly Reports

Read NEEA’s latest quarterly and annual performance reports.

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Emerging Tech Reports

Read about the exploratory work the alliance does to identify, develop and advance promising energy efficiency technologies.

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Stock Assessments

Find data and tools from NEEA’s regional building stock assessments to help inform energy efficiency and related research projects.

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Regional Trainings

Find professional education and training programs critical to building energy efficiency capability in the Northwest.

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Quarterly Newsletters from NEEA

See NEEA’s latest work in codes + standards, research, marketing and emerging technology.

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Contractor Resources

Get tools and templates for doing business with NEEA.

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2020-2024 Business + Strategic Plans

Alliance 2020-2024 Plans

After a two-year collaborative outreach process, NEEA’s Board has voted unanimously to approve the 2020-2024 Strategic and Business Plans. These allow the alliance to sustain a portfolio of initiatives and support functions to transform the market for energy efficiency in the Northwest.

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