2014 & 2017 Walk-in Coolers and Freezers Standards Evaluation: Final Report

NEEA contracted with TRC Energy Services to conduct an evaluation of NEEA’s participation in the Walk-in Coolers and Freezers (WiCF) standard over two related but separate processes. The Department of Energy (DOE) initially adopted the standard in June 2014.  However, manufacturers challenged it in court. The court upheld several of the elements of the standard but vacated several others. In response, DOE initiated a second round of hearings on the vacated elements.  The hearings led to resolution and DOE adopted a standard focused on the vacated elements in July 2017.

 The objectives of the evaluation were to qualitatively assess NEEA activities to help establish the WiCF standards and quantitatively assess the combined influence of all energy efficiency stakeholders on the energy savings from the adoption of these standards.

 TRC collected data via a literature review and conducted interviews with a variety of stakeholders that were involved in the adoption of this standard, including NEEA staff, energy efficiency stakeholders and manufacturers. TRC found that NEEA engaged in several activities in support of the development and adoption of this standard: negotiations with manufacturers, public meeting participation, analysis of rulemaking documents, and collaboration with efficiency stakeholders. TRC estimates that 12% of the total savings that will result from the 2014 WiCF standard and 20% of the total savings from the 2017 standard were due to efforts of NEEA and the efficiency organizations. 

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