2022 Residential Building Stock Assessment - Methods Report

Published April 2024

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (NEEA) Residential Building Stock Assessment (RBSA) is a critical resource for the Northwest that is relied upon for a wide array of uses including energy planning forecasts, to inform codes and standards development, market transformation strategies, energy efficiency program planning, and program evaluation. Many other regions either try to conduct their own RBSA (modeling NEEA’s design) or leverage NEEA’s RBSA data, demonstrating the value of investing in rigorous market tracking data resources. The RBSA is particularly useful for understanding the complex impacts of market transformation efforts over time, such as providing key data to inform increased appliance standard efficiency specifications and updates to building codes.

The main objective of the 2022 RBSA is to develop a current, robust, and representative characterization of the existing residential single-family and multi-family building stock in the Northwest.

The focus of the data collection effort is to document current building characteristics and equipment that relate to building energy consumption, not only to understand today’s housing stock but also to track changes over time. This document provides the methods used for the 2022 RBSA.

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