BetterBricks Commercial Building Decision Maker Study

NEEA contracted with ETHNO Insights to conduct a market research study to better understand the commercial building renovation decision making process. This research will inform NEEA’s understanding of a whole-buildings approach to energy efficiency and identify opportunities to leverage new building performance standards to support energy-efficient renovations in commercial buildings.

ETHNO conducted secondary research and interviewed 16 decision makers for office and multi-family commercial buildings in the Northwest between October 2023 and April 2024. The study highlighted themes and recommendations to encourage commercial building decision makers to consider energy efficiency, while also supporting them as they navigate new regulatory influences. For example, study findings showed that early intervention in the decision-making process is key to enable adoption of energy efficiency upgrades in commercial buildings. Additionally, findings highlighted the importance for decision makers to communicate tangible benefits of energy-efficient solutions and upgrades to tenants, including highlighting improvements to energy savings and building comfort.

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