Codes Market Progress Evaluation Report #1

In early 2004, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance documented its efforts to support energy codes and to participate in the federal standards setting process through 2003. That report and its up-to-date record of code efforts were used as the starting point for this evaluation. Later in 2004, The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance engaged Quantec, LLC, and its sub-contractor, Optimal Energy, to evaluate the Alliance’s efforts to support energy codes and its participation in the federal energy standards process. This report presents the first process evaluation of these activities. 

Between 2005 and 2009, NEEA fielded three MPERs evaluating the alliance’s Market Transformation efforts related to energy codes and standards, with the subsequent code-related MPER completed in 2017. Due to the period of time elapsed between this and earlier studies, the 2017 MPER was labeled as “MPER #1” at the time of its publication, with this numbering continuing with the recently completed MPER #2 published in 2024. NEEA has subsequently elected to consolidate all code-related MPERs completed to date under a consistent numbering scheme; code-related MPERs available on will be renumbered accordingly.

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