Extended Motor Products Regional Market Share Study

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) contracted with ADM Associates, Inc., to assess the clean water pumps and circulators market in the Northwest. The specific research objectives were to (a) estimate the size of the clean water pumps and circulators market in the Northwest, (b) assess NEEA’s estimates of the market share held by participants in its Extended Motors Products (XMP) program, and (c) identify characteristics of companies associated with participation or nonparticipation in XMP pilot activities. Between May and July 2022, ADM Associates undertook a thorough assessment of manufacturers’ representatives active in the Northwest clean water pump and circulator market and conducted structured interviews with representatives of two identified firms, accompanied by a review of relevant literature.

The results of the study indicate patterns of state-by-state and sector-by-sector representation across firms participating and not participating in NEEA’s XMP pilot program. The study suggested that the firms participating in the pilot program may collectively represent a somewhat larger share of the regional clean-water circulator market than initially estimated. While not conclusive regarding clean water pump market share, the study did not yield findings that suggested changes to NEEA’s estimates.

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