Fan Manufacturer Regional Market Share Research

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) contracted with DNV Energy Insights, Inc. (DNV), to conduct market research on non-embedded or stand-alone fan systems in the Northwest. The study sought to assess the distribution and general characteristics of sales across manufacturers active in the market to inform program planning and support the precision of future savings estimations for the Efficient Fans program. Between June and December 2022, DNV compiled a list of all regionally active fan manufacturers and assessed sales patterns from a subset of these manufacturers by state, market sector, fan size, FEI certification, and controls presence.

The results of the study indicate a substantial degree of variation across fan manufacturers. Findings show the majority of stand-alone fans sold were FEI-certified products, and over 50% of reported sales occurred in Washington. Opportunities exist for further assessment of total regional sales volume through analysis of large-scale anonymized datasets.

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