Gas-Fired Rooftop Unit Efficiency Testing Task 3 Report

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) works as part of a bi-national, cross-industry committee to support the revision of the CSA Group’s P.8 standard for Thermal Efficiencies of Industrial and Commercial Gas-Fired Package Furnaces. The revision seeks to represent a more accurate, holistic view of the overall energy consumption of an entire commercial gas-fired packaged unit. The updated standard is in the final stages of publishing.

As part of the CSA P.8 revision process, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) contracted with Natural Gas Technologies Centre (NGTC) to analyze energy testing related to efficient rooftop units. NEEA provided test samples from three manufacturers to NRCan to assist in the development of the attached report.

This report presents the results of Task 3 of the CSA P.8 revision project, which was an investigation of shell losses (conduction and convection) through the casings and dampers of three tested rooftop units, following AHRI standard 1350 as a guideline. Damper air leakage losses, casing air leakage losses, and total heat losses were estimated for three tested units at NGTC’s laboratory and results are compared to the P.8 calculations to validate the assumptions used in the standard.

NEEA supports this work through its participation on the committee; this report was not conducted by NEEA. NEEA has received permission for posting this report from NGTC.

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