Green Motor Rewinds – 2021 Long-Term Monitoring and Tracking Report

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance's (NEEA) Drive Power Initiative (DPI) actively promoted green motor rewinds from 1999 to 2004, and NEEA has conducted long-term monitoring and tracking (LTMT) of the DPI since 2013. NEEA contracted with the Cadmus Group to conduct the last LTMT report for DPI, which presents 2021 findings. Cadmus collected a range of data to meet three major objectives: (1) update the size of the motor rewind market in the Northwest; (2) establish the market share of green motor rewinds; and (3) calculate the regional savings for green motor rewinds.

The study found that 21% of the 1,603 motor rewinds conducted by Northwest motor service centers in 2021 were green motor rewinds. While regional savings from green motor rewinds increased by 13% year over year, savings from green motor rewinds have decreased 48% since 2013, indicating a reduced market for motor rewinds.

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