Home Builders Market Research Report

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) contracted with Cadmus in the fall of 2020 to conduct market research with home builders across the Northwest. The study relied on in-depth telephone interviews and virtual focus groups and sought to better understand current building practices and associated challenges. Objectives included:

    • Understanding key building practices among at-code and above-code builders
    • Identifying opportunities to influence builders at all levels
    • Testing value propositions and identify missing values if possible
    • Understanding challenges and successes associated with installing key product plan measures

Findings indicate that at-code builders often install above-code features in their homes even if they do not seek certification. In addition, both types of builders seek out higher building codes by incorporating above-code insulation, air sealing and high-efficiency HVAC. And, many above-code builders work to educate their subcontractors and potential home buyers about energy efficiency benefits. Results from this report will be used to inform and refine the Residential New Construction program interventions in the market.

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