Home Energy Metering Study Public Data User Guide

This is a data user guide for the residential End Use Load Research (EULR) Home Energy Metering Study (HEMS). It is intended for utility staff, power planners, energy efficiency program managers, policy makers, consultants, trade groups and any other groups who would benefit from an accurate assessment of the electricity use in the Northwest. The guide includes:

  • Instructions for accessing the metering data;
  • The database schema showing the relationships between all the tables
  • A data dictionary with details on variable types and the unit of measurement; and
  • A step-by-step analysis guide to walk new users through the full process of preparing the data for load-shape analysis.

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This End Use Load Research Data (the “Data”) is provided by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Inc. (“NEEA”) solely for internal use by the person or entity that received the Data from NEEA. You may not sell, reproduce, or distribute, all or any part of the Data without the express written permission of NEEA. You must ensure that credit is attributed to Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance in any work derived, in whole or in part, from the Data (including express acknowledgment of copyright ownership of NEEA). NEEA is providing the Data “as is” and does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the Data.

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) is a non-profit organization working to effect market transformation through the acceleration and adoption of energy-efficient products, services and practices. NEEA is an alliance of more than 140 Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations working on behalf of more than 13 million energy consumers.

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