NEEA External Power Supply Standard Evaluation: Final Report

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) contracted with TRC Engineers, Inc. (TRC) to conduct an evaluation of NEEA’s efforts to help establish the federal external power supply (EPS) standard. Conducted between Q4 2016 and Q1 2017, the study had two objectives: 1) qualitatively assess activities that NEEA conducted to help establish the EPS standard and, 2) quantitatively assess the combined influence of all energy efficiency stakeholders on the energy savings produced by the adoption of the EPS standard.

TRC collected data via a literature review and conducted interviews with a variety of stakeholders that were involved in the adoption of the EPS standard, including NEEA staff, energy efficiency stakeholders and manufacturers. The evaluation determined that the influence on the adoption of the EPS standard by NEEA and energy efficiency stakeholders was limited because there was little resistance to the standard among manufacturers. TRC concludes that of the total savings projected to result from the EPS standard, 3% are a result of the efforts put forth by NEEA and the other energy efficiency participants.

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