Northwest Ductless Heat Pump Initiative: Market Progress Evaluation #7

NEEA contracted with Cadmus to complete the 7th Market Progress Evaluation (MPER) for the Ductless Heat Pump (DHP) initiative. This report presents the findings of research conducted between January and July 2018. The focus of this MPER was to improve understanding about consumer awareness and installer and consumer perspectives on DHP pricing. Key research activities included an online survey with a representative sample of target market homeowners; interviews with installers; and interviews with consumers that considered purchasing a DHP, but ultimately did not. This MPER found that DHP awareness has remained consistent over the last three years, with more than half of target market consumers aware of DHPs. Affordability continues to be a barrier to purchase, and for many customers, high price prevents them from moving into later stages of purchase consideration, such as contacting an installer.

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