Oregon and Washington High CRI Bulb and Commercial Kitchen Equipment State Standards Evaluations

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) engages in state and federal standards processes to support the adoption of standards that advance the efficiency of equipment and appliances available in the market. As part of these efforts, NEEA contracted with Michaels Energy to conduct an independent evaluation that 1) Qualitatively assessed NEEA and its partner organizations' influence on Washington and Oregon’s state standards and test procedures for High Color Rendering Index (CRI) Bulbs and Commercial Kitchen Equipment (specifically Commercial Fryers and Steam Cookers) and; 2) Quantitatively assessed the percentage of savings from the standards influenced by the combined efforts of those same organizations. For the evaluation, Michaels Energy reviewed documents and conducted interviews with key stakeholders between September 2022 and January 2023.

Findings from the evaluation show the most significant influence that NEEA and its partners had on the standards was providing market and equipment data and potential energy and cost savings that overcame manufacturer opposition to the standards. Michaels Energy estimated that NEEA and its partners influenced 15.8% of the total energy savings for the high CRI bulbs standard and 10.4% of the total energy savings for the commercial kitchen equipment standard. These savings share estimates apply to both Oregon and Washington.

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