Prosaris Compressed Air Leak Detection Initial Field Tests

Compressed air and gas leaks are a persistent problem across industries, wasting valuable resources and energy and impacting operations. Air leak reduction has been identified as a significant source of savings for efficiency programs in the Northwest. As such, NEEA’s emerging technology and product teams are investigating technologies to overcome these challenges and enhance efficiency. As part of these efforts, NEEA identified the use for the Prosaris leak detection product, OL1, as a potential application in support of energy efficiency programs. The OL1 is an easy to use leak detection tool that can potentially increase participation in leak detection efforts.

To gain deeper understanding of the OL1 product and its functionality, NEEA contracted with Energy 350 for a preliminary scoping/field testing of the equipment due to their experience in industrial leak detection and ongoing relationships with industrial customers. This memo provides the results of a side-by-side comparison of Prosaris’s OL1 compared to two other leak detection systems, including technical features, ease of use, results, and value proposition.

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