Q3 2023 Emerging Technology Newsletter

The third quarter of 2023 demonstrated the interest in heat pump technology throughout the region.

The micro heat pump field study concluded and was presented at a Product Council. Participants were pleased with the units’ performance, and the technology looks promising for efficient air conditioning and heating. Work is also proceeding on residential dual fuel efforts, testing laundry centers and all-in-one washer-dryers with heat pump dryers, and central gas heat pump water heater (HPWH) research and product testing are also in progress. Scoping work for industrial heat pumps has also begun. 

NEEA also completed a Modulating Gas Valve for Commercial Dryer Study investigating the energy savings potential of retrofitting existing commercial gas clothes dryers with modulating gas valves. The region has more than 50,000 commercial dryers and the report revealed potential savings of more than 200 therms per dryer.

Be sure to check out our new projects around monitors, commercial displays, exterior luminaire level lighting controls and our other updates.

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