Brand and Identity Guidelines

The NEEA Brand

To be successful, NEEA is committed open and clear communication with its stakeholders - whether that be contractors, subcontractors, utility owners, government or public interest groups. We'd like everyone to understand NEEA's mission, as well as our organization's unique value and benefits. No matter who you are, whether you're a NEEA staff, a Board member, or a "contractor," you are, simply put, NEEA's champions.

Our brand is not our logo, it's our reputation - built from how we behave and how we communicate. Our reputation, embodied in NEEA's brand, can only be meaningful if we all project a simple, consistent message in all of our communications. Every interaction we have with our stakeholders is an opportunity to build our brand in the region.

These brand guidelines will provide you with the resources you need to accurately and consistently represent the NEEA brand in your own communications. The guidelines are not written in stone. They are intended to be a living document that will evolve over time to meet the changing needs of the organization. If you have a brand related issue that cannot be resolved by reviewing these guidelines, please contact NEEA's Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager, Veronica Marzilli.


Susan E. Stratton

 NEEA 2018 Brand Guide  


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