Commercial Lighting Sales and Pricing Dashboard

Using data to keep lighting programs in line with market dynamics

In an increasingly data-driven world, programs often miss opportunities to leverage data to adjust strategies, drive uptake, and provide greater value to customers. 

This is particularly true in the lighting market, where sales and pricing data were identified as a top priority for regional collaboration. While individual programs were able to gather anecdotal pricing data from invoices or calls to distributors, the effort was time-intensive. Some regional or national projects characterized lamp prices but were typically published six months or more after data collection. The rapidly fluctuating price of LED products made this data unreliable, so regional programs were consistently seeking more timely and granular pricing data.

A collaborative effort between program managers, planners and representatives from regional utilities, BPA, NEEA and the Regional Technical Forum developed a lamp pricing data dashboard. The dashboard uses web scraping technology to collect LED lamp prices from three major distributors/retailers. 

The dashboard was then expanded to pull in sales data made available through the region’s Reduced Wattage Lamp Replacement (RWLR) program and Distributor Platform. The dashboard now includes both linear lamp sales data and pricing data collected via web scraping.

Planners, program managers and implementers now have access to the raw data as well as an informative, interactive dashboard that can be used to explore and visualize the data. All of the data has been aggregated and complies with distributor non-disclosure agreements, and the dashboard is being used by program teams to inform lighting programs in the Northwest.  


This dashboard is publicly available to support commercial lighting program efforts throughout the region. Details on the data sources are included in the dashboard itself. Contact us to learn more or with any questions about how to use the dashboard.