Extended Motor Products (XMP)

Accelerating the adoption of more efficient motor-driven products

The Extended Motor Products (XMP) program makes it easier for end users to scope, purchase, replace and realize energy savings from more efficient motor-driven pumps and circulators. Working together with Northwest utilities, manufacturers and distributors, XMP encourages better selections of products under 50 horsepower in commercial and industrial applications.

For years, motor-driven products were considered too complex for prescriptive programs due to the high degree of variability among system installations. A cooling tower pump on a high-rise in Seattle, for example, operates very differently than a potable water recirculation pump in a manufacturing facility in Idaho. New data and metrics, like the establishment of DOE standards for pumps and an industry-wide labeling program, now make many motor-driven products viable for deemed savings and incentives.

Using midstream and upstream channels, XMP is increasing market awareness, availability and acceptance of efficient options. This approach will increase stocking and sales of the most efficient motor-driven products and will assist in utilities acquiring cost-effective energy savings from a product category historically untapped in the Northwest.

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