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Bio-based Building Materials and Rural Energy Audits

The University of Idaho (UI) Integrated Design Lab (IDL) under funding from the Idaho Department of Commerce, has been assisting in the research and development of bio-based insulation products with the company, Hempitecture, which recently opened a manufacturing plant in Idaho. It is the first factory of its kind in the U.S. using non-woven hemp fibers to create thermoacoustic batts. 

The UI-IDL has been conducting studies on the thermal performance and LCA of this material. The team will also share an update on their work under the NSF EPSCoR grant, PrinTimber ( - finding a way to use sawdust and natural binders to 3D print affordable homes. 

Lastly, the presentation will cover some of the findings from the rural energy audits the lab has carried out through the state's Office of Energy and Mineral Resources.

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