Advanced Water Heating Specification

This document succeeds the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (NEEA’s) previous Advanced Water Heating Specification (AWHS Version 7.0). This version has been expanded to include commercial, multifamily, and industrial water heating systems in addition to residential water heaters. Notably, this version has no substantive changes to the residential water (Unitary and split system) heater portion of the specification compared to Version 7.0. The AWHS Version 7.0 will stay up for six months so organizations can migrate over to the new specification.

The Advanced Water Heating Specification Qualified Products Lists (QPL) are broken into two different lists. One for Residential Unitary and the other for Residential Commercial (multifamily). In general terms, Residential Unitary tanks are found in Single Family or low rise multifamily (in residential dwelling units). Residential Multifamily Commercial products generally serve over five dwelling units, have a central plant attached to a circulation system. Commercial Products are systems that include (Heat Pump Engine, Storage tanks, Mixing Valves, Control Systems and Connectivity

The qualified products lists are available at the following links:

  1. Residential / Unitary QPL
  2. Commercial / Central systems QPL

If you have any questions and or insights, please reach out to Geoff Wickes, Senior Product Manager at NEEA.

This specification provides guidance to manufacturers and other market actors who are interested in developing products that not only meet ENERGY STAR criteria but are able to provide high levels of consumer satisfaction and energy performance in a range of climates.

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