Air Cleaner Unit Savings Review

As part of its Retail Products Portfolio (RPP) program, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) implements a variety of strategies to speed adoption of energy-efficient consumer products. In 2019, NEEA discontinued midstream incentives for air cleaners while engaging actively in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) specification revision process. Because RPP program sponsors only receive current sales data for products they are actively incentivizing, NEEA no longer has access to current RPP sales data for air cleaners.

In July through October 2020, Apex Analytics reviewed NEEA’s approach to estimating unit energy savings (UES), naturally occurring baseline, and tracked units (market size) for air cleaners, recognizing that RPP sales data is not available after March 2019. Apex Analytics concluded that: 1) NEEA’s UES estimates are reasonable, and 2) NEEA’s market size estimation approach is reasonable but could be enhanced with additional market data.

Apex Analytics conducted this assessment concurrently with an assessment of NEEA and its partners’ role in the ENERGY STAR V2.0 specification update for room air cleaners. The findings from that evaluation can be found here.

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